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What you feel is real.

Melon Collective helps kids and parents recognize and talk about hard feelings

What you feel is real.

Building confidence and resilience

Encouraging healthy emotional development

Creating a healthy relationship with emotions in early childhood is important for overall mental health. When we talk about feelings with our kids early and often, we validate and normalize all of their emotional experiences. Melon Collective pajamas help kids accept all of life's messiness while also creating opportunities for connection and conversation.

When did some feelings become "bad"?

Mental health isn't about being happy all the time. It's about having the ability to recognize and accept emotions while also being able to navigate them successfully using appropriate coping tools. When kids learn that all emotions are O.K. to have and none of their feelings are "bad," they feel confident in their ability to tolerate them.

Building a strong foundation

Bedtime is when all of the experiences and emotions of the day come to the surface. This is our opportunity to connect and help build a healthy narrative around hard feelings. Starting conversations early on increases the likelihood that our kids will develop resilience and empathy.

I can feel hard things!


"I wish Melon Collective pajamas were available when my kids were younger. We need to start having conversations with kids about emotions early on so that they have a stronger foundation and more resilience as they enter the teenage years." - Dr. Barbara Sharp, PsyD

"Melon Collective is changing the way we think about emotions. Instead of encouraging kids to rush through hard feelings, we should be talking about them and normalizing them. The more we can show kids that these feelings aren't scary, the more they will be able to tolerate them." - Daphne, BSN, RN, MPH, and mom of 3 girls

"I want my boys to know that all emotions are safe to feel. If they need to cry, get angry, or feel jealous - those are all normal feelings that I can help them understand and get through." - Stephanie, PA-C, MA, and mom of 2 boys

The softest fabric

Melon Collective pajamas are made from our bamboo and spandex comfort blend fabric that is soft and breathable. Kids love the tagless design and the soft, cozy texture.

Bedtime is key

Kids want to share at bedtime. They share about their days and talk about the good things, the bad things, and everything in between. The Melon Collective print designs are meant to foster conversations around tough emotions and support children and caregivers as they engage in hard but important dialogue.

Normalizing feelings

It's important that we start by normalizing all feelings early on. This helps kids accept and tolerate hard emotions and build resilience and empathy.


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